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A Collection of Very Special Books

I am pleased to have available a limited number of Moy Mackay’s books, signed by the artist herself!

I was fortunate to participate in Moy’s class when she visited Canada in the autumn of 2018 and learned a lot about layering and design under her careful and patient guidance. Her collection of books serve as a constant source of inspiration and ideas. I can’t wait for Moy to come back to Canada – hopefully I’ll find a spot in her class!

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Too Cool ‘The Mool’ Felting Tool

I am very excited to introduce Moy Mackay’s The Mool wet felting tool! This sturdy tool helps agitate and integrate fibres during the wet felting process. Handcrafted from materials impervious to water, these tools will stand the test of time. Currently a Fibrecraft exclusive, I have a limited number of unique designs – check them out before they are gone!

Up next, I have signed copies of all Moy’s books which will be available for purchase soon.

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Marvellous Mosaics!

Introducing our new Mosaic multi-colour packs, available in extra fine Merino roving, and soft carded Maori batts. These 100 gram packages contain small portions of various colours selected in groups of warm, cool, and neutral tones. They are a great way to purchase a variety of different colours without having to commit to a larger amounts. And don’t worry, if you fall in love with a particular piece of fibre, all these colours are available in larger increments!

So, build up your fibre stash, and enjoy creating with these fibres!

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Factory Seconds – Large Foam Pads

A limited number of large foam pads are available at a discount. These particular pads have a cosmetic issue where some surfaces have a few larger pores caused by trapped bubbles when the foam was manufactured. The pads are still perfectly good for felting, but you may notice some small bubbles when the pad is viewed at an angle. Available while they last!

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Visions of Viscose

Viscose tops are now available in the online store! Add some dazzle to your wet felting or spinning projects!

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Namaste Farms Wool Shampoos

I am excited to share with you two new fibre prep products from Namaste Farms to help with processing of raw fleece fibres and preparing them for dyeing. For student’s of Natalie’s “Redding Method” dyeing classes, wool shampoo products are finally available in Canada and with no surprises at the border!

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Sugar Candy Colour Packs

I’m pleased to announce new Merino Sugar Candy colour packs available in the shop! Each package contains five different colour-coordinated and variegated Merino rovings. Each roving contains a blend of assorted colours of extra-fine 19 micron Merino fibres. The package contains 100 grams of fibres in total.