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Lots of Lots of Locks

I’m pleased to share a new collection of wool locks!

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Sari Silk Ribbons Refreshed

A new line-up of Sari silk ribbons are available now, including multicolour chiffon and newsprint options!

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The Return of the Silk Hankies

After a considerable delay, I am pleased to announce that silk hankies are back in stock! In addition to basic solid colours, check out the new tonal colour packs. Silk hankies are an excellent addition to any wet felting project.

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Felted Sky Needle Felting Kits

Check out the new needle felting kits from Felted Sky! These kits are high quality and beautifully packaged and are a fantastic way to get started with needle felting.

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A Collection of Very Special Books

I am pleased to have available a limited number of Moy Mackay’s books, signed by the artist herself!

I was fortunate to participate in Moy’s class when she visited Canada in the autumn of 2018 and learned a lot about layering and design under her careful and patient guidance. Her collection of books serve as a constant source of inspiration and ideas. I can’t wait for Moy to come back to Canada – hopefully I’ll find a spot in her class!

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Too Cool ‘The Mool’ Felting Tool

I am very excited to introduce Moy Mackay’s The Mool wet felting tool! This sturdy tool helps agitate and integrate fibres during the wet felting process. Handcrafted from materials impervious to water, these tools will stand the test of time. Currently a Fibrecraft exclusive, I have a limited number of unique designs – check them out before they are gone!

Up next, I have signed copies of all Moy’s books which will be available for purchase soon.