Silk Fibres

Silk fibres are used as an embellishment to add luster and texture to your project.

Silk Fibres - Mulberry Silk

Silk Fibres - Silk Fabrics

Silk Fibres - Silk Roving - Recycled Roving

Recycled Roving

Silk Fibres - Silk Roving - Mulberry

Roving made from Mulberry silk.

Silk Fibres - Silk Roving - Tussah

Roving made from Tussah silk.

Silk Fibres - Silk Noil

Silk Fibres - Pulled Silk

Silk Fibres - Assorted Silk Fibres

Assorted silk packs are made up of a wide variety of silk, ideal if you’d like to try a bit of everything!

Silk Fibres - Silk Hankies

Silk Hankies

Silk hankies are used mainly in wet-felting and spinning. Each layer comes from a single cocoon.

Silk Fibres - Sari Silk

Sari Silk

Sari silk is made from recycled sari, and is used mainly in spinning and wet-felting as an embellishment.

Silk Fibres - Silk Cocoons

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