Namaste Farms – Scour the Scoundrel – Wool Shampoo

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  • Gentle Fibre Scour
  • Formulated for use on Protein Fibres
  • Pre-Wash for Oily Fibres
  • 16 oz / 473 mL
  • Unscented

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Are you processing super dirty, oily, or greasy long-wool fleeces? Scour the Scoundrel ( also know as Dirty Rotten Bastard ) wool shampoo is formulated to break down and wash away excess oils and grease without damaging fibres.
Because it is formulated from cosmetic grade ingredients its safer for your hands, as well as the environment.

Formulated and bottled by folks who know a thing or two about hair and shampoo at Namaste Farms in sunny California.

A staple supply for students taking Redding Method dyeing classes.

Directions for Use

Wool and other animal protein fibres have quite a lot of variation between species, individual animals, diet, and even the environment they live in.
Fibres with more oil and dirt need more shampoo, fibres with less oil and dirt, need far less. This product is designed as a shampoo, it must be worked into the fibres in order to work.

As with any fibre washing, do not change temperatures or handle the fibres in an aggressive fashion – this can lead to substantial felting and damage to the fibres.

Fibre processing is messy! Please ensure you have an appropriate work area and attire.

  1. Wet the fibre before application with medium-hot water
  2. Squeeze out excess water
  3. Gently massage the shampoo into the fibres
  4. Leave the shampoo on for 5 to 15 minutes
  5. Rinse in medium-hot water

After allowing the fibres to drain, check to see that the heavy grease and dirt has been removed. If the fibres are still greasy, crunchy, or tacky, repeat the process.

With the pre-washing process complete, the heavy dirt, oils, and grease removed, you can move on to Wash It Dye in preparation for dyeing.

About this Product

  • Sulfate Free
  • No Propylene Glycol
  • Paraben Free
  • Free of Nitrosamines and Dioxanes
  • pH Friendly
  • Fragrance Free
  • Cosmetic Grade
  • Hand Bottled at Namaste Farm
  • Made in the USA

Additional information

Weight 515 g
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 22 cm
Package Size

16 oz, 473 mL


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