Wool Roving

Wool Roving - Silk Blends

Silk Blends

A combination of dyed merino wool tops (70%) and extra bleached tussah silk (30%) to create a rainbow blend with a silky sheen. Perfect for hand felting, hand spinning and many other craft uses.

Wool Roving - Sweet 16s

Colour packs consisting of five different shades of super fine 16 micron Merino roving.

Wool Roving - Accents

Wool Roving - Romney Roving

Wool Roving - Merino Roving - Colour Packs

100 gram packages of super fine Merino wool roving, each package contains five complementary colours.

Wool Roving - Sugar Candies

Sugar Candies

Luxurious roving made from super soft 19 micro merino fibres, dyed in eye-catching variegated colours.

Wool Roving - Sugar Candies - Colour Packs

Colour Packs

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Showing all 79 results