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Jo Sonja’s Textile Medium is a water based acrylic medium used to convert Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours into fabric paints, which become permanent when dried and heat set.
This finish can be washed and dry cleaned and should be applied to natural, non-synthetic fibres. Textile Medium is only necessary if the fabric is to be laundered or dry cleaned.
Pre wash all fabric, prior to painting to remove sizing from fabric fibres. A MINIMUM of 50% cotton fibre content is recommended for best adhesion.


  • Mix equal parts (1:1) of Textile Medium and Jo Sonja’s Artists’ Colours.
  • Water may be used to thin the mixture. Use caution as water dilution may cause colour to bleed.
  • To apply glitter on fabric, use All Purpose Sealer or Textile Medium. Experiment to see which one gives you the effect you desire.
  • Use All Purpose Sealer on the edges of your cut fabric to prevent fraying. Seal ?” beyond cut edges.


The finished product MUST BE HEAT SET TO BECOME WASHING MACHINE AND DRYER SAFE. Launder using mild detergent & delicate heat settings

Heat Set Directions:

Preheat oven to 250 degrees F. Place aluminum foil in your oven to protect article from grease. Place article in oven for 5 minutes. Remove and let cool. If you wrap the article in foil, allow a further 5-10 minutes in the oven for the heat to permeate the foil.

You will need to experiment to discover the correct heat setting for your iron. Prepare a small sample strip using similar material and apply your colours. Start your iron at the polyester setting and iron the sample strip. Keep increasing the temperature until you reach the point where your sample colours begin to change or shift. Once you know this limit, back off slightly and mark your setting. Use this for future heat setting on similar fabric.

Heat setting by tumble dryer is not recommended.

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