Felting Supplies

Felting Supplies - Artfelt Paper

This special paper allows the designer a tackable canvas on which to attach the roving. When finished, the paper magically disappears with boiling water, leaving a fully fused piece and no residue!

Felting Supplies - Dyes

Felting Supplies - Felting Needles - Triangle Needles

Most commonly used felting needle. Triangle needles have 3 sides, with barbs on each edge.

Felting Supplies - Felting Needles - Star Needles

Star needles have 4 sides, with barbs on all four edges, which are great for details and join the fibres together more quickly.

Felting Supplies - Felting Needles - Speed Point Needles

The Speedpoint needles special shape pulls the fibres together more rapidly increasing speed and strength. This needle requires less energy to felt the fibres together, therefore you don’t have to poke as hard as you would with a Triangle needle.

Felting Supplies - Felting Needles - Spiral Needles

Spiral needles have a twisted blade with barbs on 3 edges. This needle does not leave large dents or puncture marks which makes it perfect for finishing as it penetrates dense firm surfaces.

Felting Supplies - Felting Needles - Reverse Needles

The Reverse needle pull fibres out instead of pushing them in. This needle is often used for blending layers of colour to make hair and fur.

Felting Supplies - Felting Needles - Sets

Felting Supplies - Foam Pads

Felting Supplies - Wet Felting Tools

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